Bab, Bae, NaBi
Stilles Leben #7 (1/2)
Anderes eins
Verschwundene Vertraute, Gebliebene Fremde und Ich
Die Rückkehr
Wie ich bin, wie du bist.



Jute, Hanji (koreanisches traditionales Papier), Metal, Draht, Magnetics
450 x 495cm



stilles Leben #7 (1/2)


photographic paper, wood, glass plate
ca. 76 x 116 x 10cm


anderes eins


ca.10 x 13 x 13cm


Verschwundene Vertraute, gebliebene Fremde und Ich


mandarines, branches, limes, bottles, cups, glasses, coffee, wine, water, neon light, wood, wall paint, plaster, putty
ca. 244 x 308 x 125cm
(each ca. 244 x 124 x 20cm,
244 x 124 x 50cm)

The imprints differ from the actual objects behind the wall.



Die Rückkehr


wood, motor, photographic paper, glass
ca. 30 x 50 x 50cm

installation, photography

A picture frame with photographed shadow of a glass rotating counterclockwise and touching the real shadow.



Wie ich bin,
wie du bist.


wood, TV, DVD player

ca.130 x min. 200(variable) x 60cm

In rocking table that does not move. The TV shows a black horizontal bar rocking back and forth, while the line on the wall in the background stands still.


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